What Type of HAZWOPER Chemical Emergency Response Training Do I Need?

All persons responding to chemical releases must receive at least OSHA Hazard Communication training (29 CFR 1910.1200) on how to protect themselves from hazardous chemicals to which they might be exposed during routine and foreseeable emergency operations. Let us know if we can help you with customized training.

Will you (or the person being trained) only be cleaning up releases within her or his immediate work area or in areas for which he or she has maintenance duties?

Do you need information on how an OSHA HAZWOPER chemical emergency response team is defined and organized?

Will you or the person being trained be in charge of the incident (that is, the incident commander)?

Will you (or the person being trained) suit up with SCBA breathing apparatus as a member of a hazmat team to attempt to control or contain the release?

Will your activities at the scene be restricted to supporting the responders in protecting people and equipment?

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