Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Wastewater Treatment Operators CEUs

Course Type Course Title Hours Type WWTO #
HAZWOPER Emergency Response Initial : First Responder Operations 11 G WWT05-7346-T00-G11
  Emergency Response Initial: Technician Level (24 hr) 22 G WWT05-7345-T00-G22
  Emergency Response Initial: Commander Level (40 hr) 38 G WWT05-7349-T00-G38
  Emergency Response Refresher 8 G WWT05-7343-T00-G08
  Site Supervisor Initial 37 G WWT07-8550-T00-G08
  Cleanup Refresher 7 G WWT05-7344-T00-G07
  RCRA TSDF Worker Initial 22 G WWT05-7347-T00-G22
  Limited Cleanup Site Worker Initial 22 G WWT05-7350-T00-G22
  RCRA TSDF Worker Refresher 7 G WWT05-7348-T00-G07
General OSHA Compliance Confined Space Entry 7 G WWT05-7355-T00-G07
Regulatory Compliance Advanced Hazardous Materials Management 21 G WWT05-7360-T00-G21
  Introduction to Hazardous Materials Management 28 G See individual trainings
  Regulatory Overview/ER Planning 7 G WWT05-7351-T00-G07
  Restrictions & Right-to-Know 7 G WWT05-7352-T00-G07
  Solid & Hazardous Waste Mgmt. 7 G WWT05-7353-T00-G07
  Shipping DOT Hazardous Materials 7 G WWT05-7354-T00-G07
Technical Basics Chemistry for Managers 14 G WWT05-7356-T00-G14
  Environmental Chemistry 14 T WWT05-7383-T14-G00
  Industrial Wastewater Treatment 14 T WWT05-7384-T14-G00

"G" = General hours (can be up to 30% of submitted hours for recertification).
"T" = Technical hours (must be up at least 70% of submitted hours for recertification).

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