Certificate Maintenance Points

Institute of Hazardous Materials Management

Course Description Course Title CMP Value
Asbestos (View Current Offerings)
INI Building Inspector Initial 1.5
INR Building Inspector Refresher 0.25
MPI Management Planner Initial 1.0
MPR Management Planner Refresher 0.25
OMI O&M Worker Initial 1.0
OMR O&M Worker Refresher 0.25
PDI Project Designer Initial 1.5
PDR Project Designer Refresher 0.5
SPI Project Supervisor Initial 2.5
SPR Project Supervisor Refresher 0.5
WKI Abatement Worker 2.0
WKR Abatement Worker Refresher 0.5
General OSHA Compliance (View Current Offerings)
HAZWOPER (View Current Offerings)
EPRI Emergency Response Professional (Specialist/Incident Commander) 2.5
EFRI Emergency Response Initial: First Responder Operations 0.5
ETCI Emergency Response Initial: Technician 1.5
ERCR Emergency Response Refresher 0.5
TSDI RCRA TSDF Worker Initial 1.5
TSDR RCRA TSDF Worker Refresher 0.5
UGCI Waste Site Cleanup/UST Removal Worker Initial 2.5
USPI Waste Site Cleanup / UST Removal Supervisor 0.5
ULCI Limited Site Cleanup Worker 1.5
USTR Waste Site Cleanup/UST Removal Worker Refresher 0.5
Lead (View Current Offerings)
LINI Inspector Initial 1.5
LINR Inspector Refresher 0.5
LRAI Risk Assessor Initial 1.0
LRAR Risk Assessor Refresher 0.5
LSPI Supervisor/Contractor Initial 2.0
LSPR Supervisor/Contractor Refresher 0.5
LWKI Abatement Worker 1.0
LWKR Abatement Worker Refresher 0.5
LSTI Clearance Examiner 0.38
LRLI Indiana Lead Rule Awareness 0.13
LMWI Lead Safe Work Practices 0.25
LOSI OSHA Lead in Construction Worker 0.5
Mold / Housing (View Current Offerings)
MAWR Mold Awareness 0.38
MCRI Mold Remediation 1.5
Regulatory Compliance (View Current Offerings)
AHMM Advanced Hazardous Materials Management 1.5
ASBM Managing Asbestos in Buildings 0.5
RTKI Chemical Exposure Restrictions/Right-to-Know 0.5
CSEI Confined Space Entrant 0.5
IHMM Introduction to Hazardous Materials 2.0
ASBM Managing Asbestos in Buildings 0.5
GROI Regulatory Overview/Emergency Response and Planning 0.5
DTAI Shipping DOT Hazardous Materials 0.5
WSTI Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 0.5
Technical Basics (View Current Offerings)
CHMG Chemistry for Managers 1.0
ECHM Environmental Chemistry 1.0
IWTI Industrial Wastewater Treatment 1.0
Solid Waste Facility Operators
SWOI Solid Waste Operator Review & Test for Certification 0.25
SWOR Solid Waste Operator Refresher 0.25